[Samba] leaving Profiles on PDC

Ilia Chipitsine ilia at paramon.ru
Tue Feb 22 03:54:25 GMT 2005

>> what exactly do you want ?
>> [...]
>> 2) automagically merge roaming profile when logged simultenously from
>> two workstations ? it will work for XP and above, I don't know any
>> solution for w2k.
> .... and avoid the download of a profile to local "Documents and Settings" /
> upload the complete profile on log off.

such trick is called "folder redirection", it is said by Microsoft that it 
can be only done with AD policies, but it can be easily tweaked by

1) either editing registry (keys are described in Samba-Official-Howto and

2) or applying nt4 style domain policies (adm template is supplied with 
samba sources)

> for example, if  user "a" stores something at his desktop (roaming profile)
> the download is at first saved local (c:\documents and settings\a\Desktop)
> and then
> uploaded at the server on logoff.
> With the solution I developed, users work _direct_ on the server with their
> profile, all files stored on desktop, changes made in start menu etc. are
> all done
> on the server immediately; so the upload of the profile at logoff is not
> neccessary any more ....
> I'm working on this since Friday, because I need such a solution for
> recucing the traffic on my wlan AND saving hdd-space.
> Christoph
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