[Samba] leaving Profiles on PDC

Ilia Chipitsine ilia at paramon.ru
Mon Feb 21 15:18:15 GMT 2005

what exactly do you want ?

1) do you want to delete local cached copies of roaming profiles ?
they should be deleted by default, but somehow it doesn't happen.

use "User Profile Hive Cleanup service" from Microsoft.

2) automagically merge roaming profile when logged simultenously from
two workstations ? it will work for XP and above, I don't know any 
solution for w2k.

> hi
>> yes, it can't be disabled :-)
> heh - it seems, that it CAN ! I didn't expect, that this would be working,
> but I'm getting forward...
> Logon works now without errors, but the window elements look a bit strange
> and startmenu doesn't open,
> but this either could be caused by my old "default profile (copied from
> another 2 year win-installation *g*)
> or these modifications (not few ..) i made in the registry. Anyway
> Logon/Logoff works now, there's nothing
> (except administrator) left in "Dokumente und Einstellungen".
> Now I'm going to make a fresh win2k Installation, install the new "Default
> profile"
> on the Server and fix these remaining problems ....
> Solution to the problems in my last email was a) to give "nobody" write
> access ( :-( have to search another possibility), b) copy the "Default User"
> Profile on the %PROFILESDIR% (on server) and c) set create/directory mask to
> 777 (cause "nobody" creates the new profiledir but "testuser1" uploads the
> default profile, if no profile is there).
> ...yes, the permissions shouldn't be set in this way, but I'm sure, another
> solution will be found :-)
> Christoph
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