[Samba] leaving Profiles on PDC

Christoph Klein smxag at yahoo.de
Mon Feb 21 15:02:59 GMT 2005


> yes, it can't be disabled :-)

heh - it seems, that it CAN ! I didn't expect, that this would be working,
but I'm getting forward...
Logon works now without errors, but the window elements look a bit strange
and startmenu doesn't open,
but this either could be caused by my old "default profile (copied from
another 2 year win-installation *g*)
or these modifications (not few ..) i made in the registry. Anyway
Logon/Logoff works now, there's nothing
 (except administrator) left in "Dokumente und Einstellungen".
Now I'm going to make a fresh win2k Installation, install the new "Default
on the Server and fix these remaining problems ....

Solution to the problems in my last email was a) to give "nobody" write
access ( :-( have to search another possibility), b) copy the "Default User"
Profile on the %PROFILESDIR% (on server) and c) set create/directory mask to
777 (cause "nobody" creates the new profiledir but "testuser1" uploads the
default profile, if no profile is there).
...yes, the permissions shouldn't be set in this way, but I'm sure, another
solution will be found :-)


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