[Samba] Problem adding user to Administrator list - Solved at last....

Bert_De_Ridder at peopleware.be Bert_De_Ridder at peopleware.be
Thu Feb 17 07:07:19 GMT 2005

Samba + LDAP:

For anyone who ever gets this kind of messages when adding a domain user 
to the local administrators group 
'A device attached to this system is not functioning'

or even 
'The system cannot log you on now because the domain PEOPLEWARE is not 
when logging into a 'fresh' workstation with that user's credentials, 

check that the user's SambaSID in the LDAP is correct; in my case it 
somehow contained the SID from a *local* profile. 
Browse in the registry to hklocalmachine\software\Microsoft\Windows 
There are some keys which are the SambaSID's; inside the key, you can find 
the ProfileImagePath; that should give you some clue as to which user this 
SID 'belongs' to on the local machine. 

One way or another, the SID of a local profile got inside the LDAP for 
this specific user, and I don't know why excactly this would cause that 
above error messages (especially when logging in to a fresh workstation), 
but replacing the SambaSID on the LDAP with 'valid' data fixed the problem 
for us. 


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