[Samba] Netlogin Service

Michael Canup mcanup at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 17 07:19:46 GMT 2005

I am just getting introduced to the Linux world - I have taken over a
network that has a Windows NT 4 server and a Gentoo Linux server and I need
to add a user.  The Linux server is the PDC.  I've gone through everything
on both machines and think I've got it set up correctly but when I try to
login from a W2K workstation, it reports that "the Netlogin service is not
running on this machine".  But the previous user logs in to the network just
fine.  And I can't set up a local user account that authenticates to the
server - depending on how I go at it it seems that the machine can see the
domain but can't do anything about it.  Any thoughts?

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