[Samba] Printing jobs very big

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Tue Feb 15 17:10:14 GMT 2005

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Xavi León wrote:
| Hi!
| anyone knows why depending on the driver i use in the
| samba printer share the jobs can differ in 4-5 MB?? I mean,
| if i use the Windows Driver (UNIDRV, etc...) the job is
| ok (not very big, 40K) but the accounting in the server is
| always one page.  On the other side, if i use the Windows
| postscript driver (PSCRIPT5.DLL, etc...) to print the same
| doc i get a job of  4-5 MB (the accounting this time
| is ok, 3 pages). I cannot achieve why this is happening...
| any ideas???

If you are using a unidriver based driver from windows to windows,
then the resulting file is probably in EMF.  When as when you
print via Samba you are generating a RAW file which would be the
real job ready to hand of to the printer.

cheers, jerry
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