[Samba] Joining a domain with a non-administrator account

Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Tue Feb 15 13:38:46 GMT 2005

> I just upgraded to 3.0.11.  I read the Samba Rights Howto, and this 
> looks like a nice addition to Samba.  My question is this...  I have 1 
> samba LDAP/PDC, and 2 samba slave LDAP/BDC's.  The changes I make with 
> the 'net rpc rights' command don't propagate to my BDC's.  Is there 
> something special I have to do in this setup?

This is stored in a local file on each machine.  You need to run the 
command on each xDC for it to propigate.

Seems a little odd to me, but that's the way Jerry laid it out in a 
previous post.

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