[Samba] Prints ok, but says "Access denied, unable to connect". win2k and samba 2.2.1a

Gordon Russell russell at co.clarke.va.us
Fri Feb 11 15:35:10 GMT 2005

Members of the "Domain Admin Group" will not have this issue. You may or 
may not want to resolve it this way, since it does elevate regular users 
priveledges. If its a small install of responsible users, it may not 
matter.  see man smb.conf "domain admin group =".


Ainsworth, Joshua B. wrote:
> I have a small Samba 2.2.1a plus Win2k workgroup. Samba is running on
> Redhat
> 7.2. 
> There is a networked laserjet 5000 using a static IP which I can print
> to
> successfuly from the linux box, and from the win2k workstations via the
> queue
> on the linux box. 
> The weird thing is that, on the win2k worksations, if I double click on
> the
> printer icon the status of the printer is reported as 
> "Access denied, unable to connect". Yet it works???
> Hello, I've been having this same problem with several of our laserjet
> 5000s on our network.  Did you find the cause of the problem?  Any help
> would be appreciated.  Thanks
> Joshua Ainsworth
> Colorado Christian University
> Tech Support
> jainsworth at ccu.edu
> 303-963-3444

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