Solved: [Samba] Printers not visible to other users

Heinrich Rebehn rebehn at
Thu Feb 3 15:54:48 GMT 2005

Heinrich Rebehn wrote:
> Hi all,
> I run a 3.0.8 Samba PDC with WIN XP SP2 clients. I configured printing 
> (lprng) with drivers uploaded to the server for easy printer 
> installation on the clients.
> This works like a charm: I can drag'n drop printers from the server's 
> printer share or install them with the local "Add printer" wizzard.
> I do this as a domain admin on the client and it works fine.
> BUT: If another user logs in to the client, he does not see the 
> printers! And since he is not admin, he cannot install any.
> I then took a look into the admin's NTUSER.DAT (with a hex editor) and 
> found the names of the printers there!
> So it seems i installed them only for this user.
> Is this possible? I always thought that printers are installed system-wide.
> What am i missing here? Can anyone help?

I found the answer in the Samba Howto:

Since network printers are installed per user, this much simplifies the 
process of keeping the installation up-to-date

Thanks for the good documentation, it is just soooo much to read ;-)


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