[Samba] Samba on HP Itanium

Marc Jacobsen you_can_guess at hp.com
Tue Feb 1 19:29:20 GMT 2005

Dukelow, Don wrote:

>I've down loaded Samba from HP's web sight and installed according to
>instructions.  Loaded all support files and programs, but still when I
>try to start Samba up the "libdld.so" file says it can't find
>"libldap.so".  Which is true, it is no where on the system.  Although
>other "linldap" files are.  If I do a search for "libldap.so" I can't
>find it per say.  Put it does refer to other apps. which don't have
>"libldap.so" in them.
>HP is no help, is there anyone else who can put any light on this.
>Don Dukelow
Please verify that LDAP-UX is installed by running "swlist | grep 
LDAP-UX", you should find an LDAP-UX product with product number 
J4269AA, version B.03.20 or higher.

If you don't, you can get it for free here: 

Hope that helps.

Marc Jacobsen

I type/write/speak for myself only.

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