[Samba] transfer/copy from windows machines loses files.

Dirk Kleinhesselink dkleinh at phy.ucsf.edu
Tue Feb 1 19:05:24 GMT 2005

Some of my users are reporting that they are losing files when copying
directories containing large numbers of files from windows machines to
OS X / Linux machines.  I have been able to verify this behavior with a
test directory.  The directory contains 1194 files for a total of about
2GB of data storage.  If I mount the windows filesystem via mount_smbfs
on OS X or smbmount on Linux, then cd to the top of the directory with
the files and simply do "find . -name "*" -print | wc -l" I will get
different file counts each time I run the command.  I also used
smbclient on the OS X machine to make 2 directory transfers (recurse,
prompt, mget *) and one transfer yielded 1193 files after transfer, the
other 1191.  According to my users, it is always different which files do
not get transferred.  As a test, I went to another windows machine and
mapped a drive to the target windows machine and then made several
"properties" checks on the test folder, each check reported consistently
the correct number of files, so there doesn't seem to be a problem on the
target windows machine.  The OS X smbclient version reports as 3.0.2;
smbclient on the Linux machine reports 3.0.7-Debian.  This is a very
troubling problem.  Does anyone know of a solution ?

Thank you.

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