[Samba] Re: Migrating from NT4 to Samba - correct strategy

Beast beast at beantransactions.com
Tue Feb 1 07:25:51 GMT 2005

Josir Gomes wrote:
> Thanks for replying.
> There´s just 20 clients on each domain and they have the same name and 
> password on both domain. I could simply change the domain name on each 
> station but all users will loose their local profiles.
> So I imagine that it is more productive to simply change the domain name 
> and turn off the old NT server. Is there any pitfall that I can encounter ?
> Simply changing the domain name in the smb.conf is enough ? It´s easy as 
> that ?

You have to match the domain SID and machine/user SID also. Once 
matched, client will not able to see that they're login to samba instead 
of old NT.

You can use net rpc vampire to obtain all information about SID and 



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