[Samba] samba + linux subdirectory 'other' permissions

Don Zajic donald_zajic at verizon.net
Fri Feb 4 14:31:52 GMT 2005

It looks somewhat obvious to change the create mask = 0660 which is
-rw-rw---- to 0775 which would be -rwxrwxr-x.  Then any file that is created
in the /home/public directory will have the appropriate permissions.

Am I off base here?


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Still struggling with this issue ... anyone able to provide some feedback

On Tue, 2005-02-01 at 15:18, Justin wrote:

> Hi All
> I'm sure this is a fairly basic question out there for someone however 
> I haven't had much luck googling for an answer hence I thought I'd try 
> here. I'm having issues getting the correct permissions on a directory 
> for the 'other' users. Each time a file is created in this 
> subdirectory the permissions are set as -rw-rw---- and what I want to 
> achieve is -rwxrwx-r-x In other words, read/write/execute for user and 
> group but read only for other users.
> I have one parent directory shared as follows:
> [public]
> comment = Staff file sharing folders
> path = /home/public
> create mask = 0660
> directory mask = 770
> force create mode = 020
> force directory mode = 020
> read only = no
> writeable = yes
> guest ok = yes
> I want to create a sub directory under this parent directory with the 
> permissions as indicated in my opening paragraph. Is that possible?
> TIA,
> Justin
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