[Samba] Startup and/or Access Problem

Eric Hines eehines at comcast.net
Tue Dec 20 17:36:19 GMT 2005

I came into the middle of this conversation, but my 2 cents worth on 
your last question is that FC4 broke a lot of stuff that worked in 
FC3--so I moved to SUSE.  The FCs, as I understand it, are beta 
versions of the proprietary RHELs--very good betas, to be sure, but 
still betas.

Eric Hines

At 12/20/05 10:51, Gene Poole wrote:
>First and foremost, thanks!
>I checked out the smb.log and there WERE 2 problems:
>       1.  Undefined user (OK, I forgot to add the guest account)
>       2.  The 'interfaces' parameter in the global section was incorrect.
>Once the two issues were corrected, everything started working just fine.
>One last question,  why was it working under whatever Samba version running
>on FC3?
>Gene Poole
>gene.poole at fds.com

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