[Samba] Startup and/or Access Problem

Gene Poole Gene.Poole at fds.com
Tue Dec 20 16:51:35 GMT 2005

First and foremost, thanks!

I checked out the smb.log and there WERE 2 problems:
      1.  Undefined user (OK, I forgot to add the guest account)
      2.  The 'interfaces' parameter in the global section was incorrect.

Once the two issues were corrected, everything started working just fine.
One last question,  why was it working under whatever Samba version running
on FC3?

Gene Poole
gene.poole at fds.com

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Quoting Gene Poole <Gene.Poole at fds.com>:

> I attempted to upgrade from FC3 to FC4 without success (the system would
> still run).  So I ended up doing a full FC4 install.  While still running
> FC3 (with a perfectly running Samba), I copied all of the important Samba
> files (smb.conf, smbusers, lmhosts, etc.) to a safe place (burned it to a
> CD).
> After getting the new FC4 install up and running and installing Webmin, I
> copied the Samba files from the CD to the standard location (/etc/samba).
> I attempted to do a start on the product (while being logged on as root)
> and received the following:
>      Entered:    service start smb
>      Received:   smbd start failed
>                  nmbd start successful
> Using Webmin I get:
>      "Access Control error on smbd"
>      "Start Failed"

What does /var/log/messages, /var/log/samba/smbd.log say?


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