[Samba] Username are case sensitive.

HEG - Info (DIP) HEGInfo at heg.ge.ch
Fri Apr 29 09:50:24 GMT 2005


I'm using samba for a while and now, on my linux computer, I need to install

OpenOffice is working fine with local account but failed to install with
samba user.

I've detected that for exemple if my domain is "TEST" and my user is "BOB",
Samba create a home folder /home/bob.

And when I try to install OpenOffie for this user, the installer try to
install files in /home/Bob and failed cause Bob <> bob !

When I've got a look at username variable, it's set to : TEST+Bob.

Is there a way to :

1. when creating home folder, to respect case sensitive ?


2. to change the username variable to lowercase ?


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