[Samba] charset problem with smbmount

Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Fri Apr 29 23:14:19 GMT 2005

dobos_s at ibcnet.hu wrote:

> I have a test file with all special characters of hungarian language on a
> windows share: íÍéÉáÁűŰőŐúÚöÖüÜóÓ.txt
> (I hope Your mailer wiill show them correctly :-))

It doesn't.

> When I use smbclient to connect to share, I see correct characters, I can
> get the file to local disk and ls shows the correct name too.
> When I try to mount with smbmount the closest result I produced was:
> íIéÉáAuUoOúUöÖüÜóO.txt
> cp says no such file or directory...
> Any ideas?

Simply leave your Samba 3 things for Unix/Linux as they are.

> Relevant (I hope all) settings:
> smbmount ... -o charset=cp852,iocharset=iso8859-2

Certainly don't use the above (ugh ;) Just leave things as they are.

> smb.conf:
> unix charset = iso8859-2

NO ;) ugh ugh. This should be left at UTF8, as (should be) the default. 
Though you don't give your basic OS - mine's Red Hat RHAS3. My default 

I have NO problems with what you describe using Norwegian characters (æøå).

> All locale variables set to en_US

Mine is no_NB, which caters for 8-bit UTF (in all shapes and forms). 
I.e., I have a(n emulated) Norwegian keyboard both in TTY1 and pts/0.




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