[Samba] Username are case sensitive.

Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Fri Apr 29 22:41:10 GMT 2005

HEG - Info (DIP) wrote:

> I'm using samba for a while and now, on my linux computer, I need to install
> OpenOffice.

Me Samba 3.0.11 (basic NT4 RPC - non-ADS) on a Red Hat RHS3 test system, 
ldapsam based, with an XP Prof test client. I have around 10 test users 
on the rig.

I have a production site with 75+ Windows 2000 clients and 1,150+ users 
that uses exactly the same install and maintenance technique, same OS 
and Samba version, that works the same.

> OpenOffice is working fine with local account but failed to install with
> samba user.

I installed  Open Office 1.98 (OOo 2.0 beta) for Windows on an 
administrative share ([apps]) on my Samba test server and all test users 
can use it, create and retrieve, rewrite etc. docs and have no problems 
with it. All users get their OOo preferences installed to their "My 
Documents" directories.

> I've detected that for exemple if my domain is "TEST" and my user is "BOB",
> Samba create a home folder /home/bob.

I have no problems with case. Why should I? My users are created in 
mixed lower and uppercase characters. However, their POSIX UIDs are 
always lower case, since that's what my (awk) install scripts tell them 
to be.

> And when I try to install OpenOffie for this user, the installer try to
> install files in /home/Bob and failed cause Bob <> bob !

I have no such problems.. I have a system-wide OOo install and never 
have any problems with case, either way?

> When I've got a look at username variable, it's set to : TEST+Bob.

You'd have to include your global parameters. As well as the other 
parameters. Are you using ADS? As well as your OS version, Samba version 
and OOo version. You haven't here. As I said, I have no problems with my 
basic OS, Samba install and OOo install. They all work for multiple users.

> Is there a way to :
> 1. when creating home folder, to respect case sensitive ?

Mine do. But my awk install stuff tells them to use lower case for all 
POSIX UID, GID etc. details. Even if it didn't, LDAP would not discern 
between cases.

> Or

> 2. to change the username variable to lowercase ?

As it happens, mine (see above for versions) are always lower case. But 
I can't see any reason why Windows should demand lower case for anything.

I guess this is a "works for me" case, where few, if any, Samba users 
have ever complained before.



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