[Samba] can't get samba 3.0.14a to work with ldap..part 2: smaba 3.0.15

rich foo richd2 at ssfs.org
Wed Apr 27 18:14:09 GMT 2005


I certainly didn't mean to sound as though I was bashing the
documentation, I am only bashing myself for not being able to figure out
what I am doing wrong.  The only reason I stressed that my config was
straight from the documentation was to provide a clearer picture of my
setup, and to point out that I was taking your advice and trying to work
through the examples given.

I have started again from scratch with samba-3.0.15pre2 and I will send
you your requested config files shortly.

Thanks, and again, I certainly did not mean to bash the documentation.  I
fully realize that a lot of work goes into it and I am grateful for samba
and all it has done for me over the past 10 years since my first install.



Instead of assuming the examples in the book are wrong, or do not work,
because you can not get them to work, may I suggest that you work with me
"fix" the documentation so others can avoid your pain.

Please send me direct to <jht at samba.org> the following:

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