[Samba] getting win98 to print samba

Jorgen Jorgensen gardsted at gmail.com
Mon Apr 18 20:26:44 GMT 2005

Just wanted to share my relief.:

I have suze 9.2, cups, hp970cxi and win98 box.
I could not add the printer on the win98-box

I tried for two evenings to add a network printer : \\sambabox\hp1
I never succeded - the driver was bad - or so the printer-add-wizard told me.

Finally I tricked the win98 box by saying the printer was local - on lpt1.
Now the printer properties looked normal.

I finally changed the port from lpt1: to \\sambabox\hp1.
And Everybody was still happy.

I don't know if anybody out there still uses win98.
But if You do the above maybe could spare You some grief.
Kind regards JJ
Gmail: 2+ gigabyte mail....enough for several days!

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