[Samba] Samba Install/SWAT Access

Eric Hines eehines at comcast.net
Sun Apr 17 20:50:05 GMT 2005


Thanks for your response.  I got the version from samba.org as a tar.gz 
file, which turned out to be source code.  I did install from 
source.  Where can I get an rpm package for this version?  Alternatively 
(for my longer term benefit), how do I a) get FC3 to look at/use the 
upgrade version in the samba team's directory structure, or b) install the 
upgrade version into FC3's directory structure?


Eric Hines

At 04/17/05 15:19, you wrote:

>>I'm running FC3, kernel 2.6.9-1.667, with the KDE desktop.  This came 
>>with Samba v 3.0.11-fc3 bundled.  I've since installed v 3.0.14a.  I'm 
>>also extremely new to Linux, so please bear with me.
>Where did you get your upgrade version??
>It sounds like you installed from source, which in an RPM distro is not 
>the best way to do things.   I won't get into a long discussion on it, but 
>if you're on a rpm box, use an rpm till you know what you're doing.
>If you installed from source, (if you remember running make install) there 
>should be a make option to back it out, like make uninstall.  You can 
>build a rpm, which will put the files in all the right places in your 
>machine with the script at <sourcedir>/packaging/Fedora/makerpms.sh I believe.
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