[Samba] user's smbd process generates high cpu utilization

Dragan Krnic dkrnic at lycos.com
Thu Apr 7 14:44:14 GMT 2005

> We have a problem where occasionally (couple of times
> a day to a couple of times a week) a user smbd process
> pegs the cpu, causing login failures for other users.

If you dig a little further back in the Samba archives you 
may find a thread of mine that sounds suspiciously like
your itch. The cause of the problem (high cpu usage for
some users) was an inconsistency in the passwd/group
a slightly wrong spelling of a user name, IIRC. The thread 
ends with some shell and awk scripts to help check the files 
for possible inconcistencies. Perhaps it is not relevant 
for you since you are using ldap instead of files,
but who knows?

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