[Samba] smbmount codepage / iocharset problem w/ W2k

Leo leo at secline.com.br
Thu Apr 7 14:31:53 GMT 2005


I have written to this list once before regarding the same problem.
(ref  smbmount problem on 03/28/2005)

Paul Gienger sugested asking the "kernel boys" as they maintain smbmount. 
Maybe my problem wasn't deserving of a reply from them, maybe I subscribed 
to the wrong list.  Can someone suggest a kernel list where I may get a 
useful reply?

smbclient's ftp like interface works correctly, however the debug output 
(--debug 10) isn't helping me determine what codepage/iocharset is being 
used.  Is there a way to determine what codepage and iocharset are being used?

My smb.conf contains

    dos charset = 850
    unix charset = ISO8859-1
    display charset = ISO8859-1

so can I assume it's cp850 the codepage being used by smbclient?
is iso8859-1 the charset being used by smbclient?

Lastly can someone send me google keyword(s) where I can read up on how the 
smb protocol uses codepages and iocharsets?  (just to clear up the issue for 
me?)  Is it safe to presume that the MS implementation of the SMB protocol 
if compatible (they like to invent stuff just to muck up standards as I hear)?



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