[Samba] Take over Domain login from XP

Ilia Chipitsine ilia at paramon.ru
Sat Apr 2 11:55:49 GMT 2005

> Hello,
> current situation: A XP-pro PC which does a domain login into a Win2003
> (active directory) server. I have admin rights on this PC but not for the
> server. From the XP view the PC is already member of the domain.
> I want to install a Linux client into a separate partition of this PC for
> testing purposes. Is it possible to take over the domain login info from the
> XP partition to allow samba a domain login also ?

most probably such information is stored in SAM.

however, you will need read/write access to SAM. the most advanced Linux 
tool for SAM manipulation is single floppy to change Administrator 

what You want is very tricky.
much simplier to join your Linux machine under different name.
or simply to delete WinXP and run just Linux.

> Which values of the XP registry i have to take over (machine id, etc ...) ?
> Where to place them (smb.conf) ?
> Or does it work out of the box ?
> I have searched the archives on this, but haven't found any appropriate. Maybe
> i used the wrong keywords for searching.
> Any hints are welcome.
> regards
>   Petric
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