[Samba] Take over Domain login from XP

Petric Frank pfrank at gmx.de
Sat Apr 2 18:59:06 GMT 2005


On Saturday 02 April 2005 13:55, you wrote:
> > current situation: A XP-pro PC which does a domain login into a Win2003
> > (active directory) server. I have admin rights on this PC but not for the
> > server. From the XP view the PC is already member of the domain.
> >
> > I want to install a Linux client into a separate partition of this PC for
> > testing purposes. Is it possible to take over the domain login info from
> > the XP partition to allow samba a domain login also ?
> most probably such information is stored in SAM.
> however, you will need read/write access to SAM. the most advanced Linux
> tool for SAM manipulation is single floppy to change Administrator
> password.

Or from a Linux installation on an other partition.

> what You want is very tricky.

Any hints (or <dream on> cookbook <dream off>) ?

> much simplier to join your Linux machine under different name.
> or simply to delete WinXP and run just Linux.

This is not an option. The WinXP must remain active and kept as domain member.
A different name is (in my understanding) also not applicable. The IPs are 
assigned by a DHCP server derived by the network cards MAC address.


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