[Samba] Take over Domain login from XP

Petric Frank pfrank at gmx.de
Sat Apr 2 10:24:33 GMT 2005


current situation: A XP-pro PC which does a domain login into a Win2003 
(active directory) server. I have admin rights on this PC but not for the 
server. From the XP view the PC is already member of the domain.

I want to install a Linux client into a separate partition of this PC for 
testing purposes. Is it possible to take over the domain login info from the 
XP partition to allow samba a domain login also ?
Which values of the XP registry i have to take over (machine id, etc ...) ?
Where to place them (smb.conf) ?

Or does it work out of the box ?

I have searched the archives on this, but haven't found any appropriate. Maybe 
i used the wrong keywords for searching.

Any hints are welcome.


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