[Samba] multiple shares names

Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Fri Apr 1 20:57:56 GMT 2005


> hi, i was searching in documentation, but havn't find answer to my
> problem.. i've got shares with long (>12 characters) names, which
> cannot be changed. on the other hand i need two computers with win98
>  to see them. can i somehow check versin of connected client and
> depends on that change names to shorter ones? (i mean - i want all
> computers (with win xp) to see shares as they see now and those 2
> with win98 to see shares with some shorter names). i know i can
> share one directory with 2 diffrent names, but it's bit ugly
> (computers with winxp would see both versions). looking for some
> nicer solution.
> any hints/links will be appropriated

There! You said it yourself - kludge symlink longdirectoryname to
shortname and put shortname into smb.conf as a share? Make sure you
have  Samba configured to follow links (Default: follow symlinks =


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