[Samba] Simultaneous Share Access via NFS/SMB

Jeff Yana jyana at emc2visfx.com
Fri Apr 1 20:57:15 GMT 2005

I have a share that has been exported via NFS as well as shared using 
Samba 3.0. On the Windows side, all authentication is currently done 
using Winbind and Active Directory. On the standalone Samba server (also 
authenticated using Windbind) where the exported NFS resides, I have the 
same local Unix user (identified by the same name and UID/GID) that I 
have on each Unix (Mac/Linux) host that needs to access the NFS export. 
I also have name mappings setup in my smb.conf file.

Currently, unless the file/directory is explicitly owned by "xuser", the 
  unix hosts are not able to access that resource. Other than name 
mappings, I am not quite sure how to allow access to my NFS clients 
wanting to access these network shares without changing ownership of the 
user/group to my "xuser" The goal is that the unix username will map 
transparently to a Windows User/Group, but I am not quite sure how to 
manage this.

My questions are as follows:

Must IDMAPing be the same on all unix hosts before this will work?;


Can this be easily solved using the "net groupmap" command utility?

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.


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