[Samba] Samba 3.0, Windows 2k/XP and usrmgr.exe

James Niven james at fnics.co.uk
Wed Sep 29 23:40:28 GMT 2004

Hi there

I've just finished setting my first Samba PDC for 120ish users and so far so
good, although its only been live for 2 days!!

One problem I've come across (actually I had loads but the HOW-TO, Samba
archive and google solved most of them) is with usrmgr.  There is one XP
client that I have installed the NT 4 Server Tools software on for the
school IT coordinator (note the phrase 'coordinator', not exactly a guru or
sysadmin) to use to tidy up user names, passwords etc.  We are both set up
as Domain Admins and have our primary LINUX GID set to 0 (root) but neither
of us can log in and use the USRMGR.EXE program, it will connect but we
can't view, add or delete etc.

If I log onto the XP box as root it all works fine, users can be added,
deleted, amended etc and of course I could get her to do this or use the
server console, su as root and use pdbedit (Yeah, Right!).  I've been
pulling my already unsubstantial hair out over this all evening and had I
invested in the Google IPO I'd be a very rich man by now.  I've spent the
evening checking net groupmap list, the unix user list, trying to get usrmgr
to allow me to tell it who has permissions to add users to the domain (comes
up with an error about local admins not being able to log in locally),
adding domain admins to the local admin group, removing users from the
domain admin group and adding them again and generally smoking a lot of

So, could someone confirm that usrmgr can only be used fully when logged
into a 2k/XP machine as root and that there is no functionality for the
domain admin group to do this?

On the brightside I successfully migrated from a smbpasswd backend to tdbsam
tonight so life isn't all that bad!!

Many Thanks

James Niven

ps  its my first time so I'm sorry if this has been covered ad nauseam

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