[Samba] Re: Mail Delivery (failure security-alert@hp.com)

security-alert at security.hp.com security-alert at security.hp.com
Wed Sep 29 22:08:36 GMT 2004

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 This is an automated response to e-mail sent to
 security-alert at hp.com.

 All potential security issues submitted will be
 carefully reviewed by the HP Software Security
 Response Team (SSRT).

 A follow-up message will be returned to confirm that
 we are investigating and if necessary to request
 additional information.

 Any non-security issue or any PC issue,
 security related or not, will be forwarded
 to the appropriate HP resource to be addressed.

 HP greatly appreciates being informed of any
 potential security vulnerability identified
 in an HP supported software product.

 It is strongly recommended that security related
 information being communicated to SSRT be
 encrypted using PGP, especially exploit information.

 To obtain the security-alert PGP key please send
 an e-mail message to security-alert at hp.com with
 the Subject of 'get key' (no quotes).

 Thank you,
 HP Software Security Response Team (SSRT)
 Hewlett-Packard Company

 HP is committed to respecting your privacy.
 For specific guidelines, please read HP's privacy policy here ...
 HP Privacy Mailbox, 20555 SH 249, MS 040307, Houston, Texas 77070 

 (automated reply)

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