[Samba] Samba's ADS security mode on Sun Solaris

Marcello Melfi marcello.melfi at videotron.ca
Wed Sep 29 01:20:16 GMT 2004

I have installed and configured with success Samba 3.0.2a (using a binary
package) on a Sun Solaris 8 using the DOMAIN security mode. I used the
usermaps.txt file to simplify the overall configuration of Unix vs Windows
users, e.g. no winbindd/ldap/pam/etc...
I now have a requirement to set it up using the ADS security mode. So, my
understanding is that I need to start from the Samba source files, version
3.0.7 for instance, and compile everything. I also need to compile the MIT
Kerberos and the OpenLDAP source files first. I think that one of these
packages also requires the Kerberos DB.
The following questions come to mind:
1. Has anybody done that (i.e. compiled Samba with ADS support) on Sun
Solaris 8 or 9? If so, a few pointers would be greatly appreciated!
2. The ADS security mode requires the MIT Kerberos and OpenLDAP development
libraries. Does this simply mean that I need to compile the source code from
their respective Web site? For example, I would download the stable source
code version 2.2.17 of OpenLDAP and compile it.
3. When using the ADS security mode, can I still simply use the usermaps.txt
file and not winbindd/ldap/pam/etc?
Marcello Melfi
m_melfi@ <mailto:m_melfi at hotmail.com> hotmail.com

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