[Samba] lost trust with win2k -> win2003 upgrade

Tim sambalist at darkgate.net
Tue Sep 28 12:26:28 GMT 2004

Can anyone at all help with this?

I'm really stuck.  Should the trust be lost like that (is it a known
issue?) or have I done something wrong with my samba config?

Thanks in advance, any advice will be appreciated.


Quoting Tim <sambalist at darkgate.net>:

> Hi all.
> We are trying to migrate our domain controllers to win2003 and
> for some reason, samba loses its trust relationship with the server
> once the PDC has been upgraded.
> I'm running Samba 2.2.11.
> Normally, "wbinfo -t" returns "Secret is good.", but after the server
> was upgraded to win2003, the trust was lost and it started saying
> "Secret is bad."
> The wierd thing is, when I start up winbind, the logs show that it
> connects and it says "Joining domain XXX" just like normal.  But when
> I try and mount a share, it fails.  I'm assuming this is because
> the trust is gone.
> The only way to fix this is to re-join the domain, but this will
> make migration far from seamless.  Is there anything I can do so
> I don't have to re-join each samba host to the domains again?
> Regards,
> Tim.
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