[Samba] Cannot enable "Enable advanced printing features"

Kent B. Hansen kbh at autocom.dk
Tue Sep 28 11:14:57 GMT 2004


Well, I'm no expert - but if I connect the Windows clients directly to the
CUPS-backend of the Samba-server, there's no problem enabling the "advanced
features" and using them...

Samba should just pass the binary print-dump-file from the Windows clients
on to CUPS - I can se no reason why Samba needs to execute anything?

The same clients, the same server, the same configuration - if works if I
points the clients towards cups (
but not if I use Samba (\\\myprinter). It must be Samba that
explicit disallows the use of the "Enable advanced printing features", which
I cannot see why, since it works thru cups on the same server...

Kent B. Hansen

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I've just been bitten by the same problem recently.
What happens is that when you click on the "Enable advanced printer
features" option on windows, what it does is enable EMF support.
EMF works by letting the printer driver embbed some printer commands
that will be executed by the print server. For this to work, the print
server must be running on Windows, since cups+samba don't do EMF (and
from what i've gathered this will _never_ work).

I'm currently investigating if there's some other way to achieve the
n-pages-to-1 print option under the cups+samba combo... this will have
to go through some sort of filter on the cups backend but all of this
is still a sketch in my head..

Hope this helps.

On Tue, 28 Sep 2004 11:22:20 +0200, Pierre Dinh-van
<pierre at tuxfamily.org> wrote:
> Le mardi 28 Septembre 2004 11:15, Kent B. Hansen a écrit :
> > Hi all.
> Hi
> > I'm trying to use Samba to replace an old Windows print server, and
> > everything works just like a charm - almost...
> >
> > There's one thing, which prevents my organization from accepting this
> > printerserver, and that is that I'm unable to activate and save the
> > advanced printing features" setting for the printers - this is used to
> > allow for printing multiple pages onto one page etc. Samba doesn't give
> > errors, the settings is just cleared the next time I open the
> > preferences...
> I have the same problem with a Xerox DocuColor 1632. When the driver is
> downloaded by the client from the print$ share, I can't activate the
> module of the printer.
> If I install the printer driver locally "by hand", it works...
> I'm still looking for a solution...
> > I'm using cups for the backend, and all printers are configured as raw
> > queues. The click'n'print feature are working nicely, and I can change
> > save all other settings beside this crusual "advanced features" setting
> > it doesn't seem like a persission problem).
> Same configuration...
> I hope someone can help us :-)
> Pierre Dinh-van
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