[Samba] Cannot enable "Enable advanced printing features"

Simon Hobson shobson-lists at colony.com
Tue Sep 28 09:57:52 GMT 2004

Manuel Capinha wrote:

>I've just been bitten by the same problem recently.
>What happens is that when you click on the "Enable advanced printer
>features" option on windows, what it does is enable EMF support.
>EMF works by letting the printer driver embbed some printer commands
>that will be executed by the print server. For this to work, the print
>server must be running on Windows, since cups+samba don't do EMF (and
>from what i've gathered this will _never_ work).
>I'm currently investigating if there's some other way to achieve the
>n-pages-to-1 print option under the cups+samba combo... this will have
>to go through some sort of filter on the cups backend but all of this
>is still a sketch in my head..

In principal it is not a hard job to do. At the point in the CUPS 
job-flow where the job is in Postscript, it should (in theory) be a 
relatively easy process to munge the job to do N-up printing. It 
would mean that you couldn't run raw queues, but once implemented 
once would apply to any printer, from any client - provided that the 
jobs go through the "conversion to postscript - conversion to printer 
native" process.

However, it is easy as an 'armchair critic' to say that something is 
easy to do !


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