[Samba] Cannot enable "Enable advanced printing features"

Manuel Capinha mcapinha at gmail.com
Tue Sep 28 12:46:33 GMT 2004

Hi Kent.

I've tried your sugestion and you're right. Using only IPP to talk to
Cups I can print using N-to-1, so this must be a problem from Samba.
One of the things I noticed is that when using ipp I now have a lot of
print processors in the printer properties window. Using samba I only
see the Raw pre-processor.

I remember reading that the "Enable advanced printer features" option
was disabled because it was messing up some printers and that, back
then, the option could be disabled (as oposed to today when it can't
be enabled..).

Maybe someone from the Samba dev team could shed some more light on this ?

On Tue, 28 Sep 2004 13:14:57 +0200, Kent B. Hansen <kbh at autocom.dk> wrote:
> Hi,
> Well, I'm no expert - but if I connect the Windows clients directly to the
> CUPS-backend of the Samba-server, there's no problem enabling the "advanced
> features" and using them...
> Samba should just pass the binary print-dump-file from the Windows clients
> on to CUPS - I can se no reason why Samba needs to execute anything?
> The same clients, the same server, the same configuration - if works if I
> points the clients towards cups (
> but not if I use Samba (\\\myprinter). It must be Samba that
> explicit disallows the use of the "Enable advanced printing features", which
> I cannot see why, since it works thru cups on the same server...
> Regards,
> Kent B. Hansen

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