[Samba] Cannot enable "Enable advanced printing features"

Kent B. Hansen kbh at autocom.dk
Tue Sep 28 09:15:28 GMT 2004

Hi all.

I'm trying to use Samba to replace an old Windows print server, and
everything works just like a charm - almost...

There's one thing, which prevents my organization from accepting this new
printerserver, and that is that I'm unable to activate and save the "Enable
advanced printing features" setting for the printers - this is used to allow
for printing multiple pages onto one page etc. Samba doesn't give any
errors, the settings is just cleared the next time I open the preferences...

I'm using cups for the backend, and all printers are configured as raw
queues. The click'n'print feature are working nicely, and I can change and
save all other settings beside this crusual "advanced features" setting (so
it doesn't seem like a persission problem).

My collegues are killing me, and want to reinstall Windows - so please help
me out, if you can! ;)

Kent B. Hansen

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