[Samba] Accessing Samba shared files causes Windows programs to lock up.

BigglesZX biggleszx at gmail.com
Sat Sep 25 12:43:37 GMT 2004

Hi all, 

A little background first:

I am running Debian GNU/Linux Testing (Sarge).
My Windows desktop is running Windows 2000 Professional, Service Pack
4 (5.0 - 2195).
According to dpkg, I have the following Samba-related packages installed:

   box:~# dpkg --list | grep "samba"
   ii  samba          3.0.7-1        a LanManager-like file and
printer server fo
   ii  samba-common   3.0.7-1        Samba common files used by both
the server a
   ii  webmin-samba   1.160-1        samba control module for webmin
   box:~# dpkg --list | grep "smb"
   ii  libsmbclient   3.0.7-1        shared library that allows
applications to t
   ii  libsmbclient-d 3.0.7-1        libsmbclient static libraries and headers
   ii  smbclient      3.0.7-1        a LanManager-like simple client for Unix
   ii  smbfs          3.0.7-1        mount and umount commands for the
smbfs (for
   ii  tksmb          0.8.8-6        SMB (Samba and Windows) network browser
   ii  xsmbrowser     3.4.0-8        X11 tool for navigating SMB Networks

Now, the problem:

I'm having some freeze/lockup issues in Windows Explorer when trying
to access files on Samba shares, but only since I upgraded Samba this
morning (with an `apt-get dist-upgrade').
Before I upgraded I was using a ~3-month old version which worked
fine. Now when any of my Windows applications try to access Samba
shared files, they stop responding, and have to be killed. I have
heard this is also happening with XP.

What would you recommend I do to solve this problem? Is the problem
recognized, or could it just be an isolated case (i.e. just me)?

If there is any other information you require please ask. This is the
first time I have posted to this list and so I may have omitted
something vital.

Many thanks,

  J West

biggleszx at biggleszx.com
ICQ 104870111

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