[Samba] Arrggg Samba is not behaving

Chris Roubekas croubekas at loutrakifm.gr
Fri Sep 24 07:23:11 GMT 2004

Dear all,

    A while ago I posted a message regading the way Samba is behaving
and some problems that I was facing with Windows "loosing"
the connection with the server...
Here is another sample of what my /var/log/messages still looks like:

Sep 19 15:08:01 Srv smbd-classic[3499]: [2004/09/19 15:08:01, 0] lib/util_sock.c:read_data(436)
Sep 19 15:08:01 Srv smbd-classic[3499]:   read_data: read failure for 4. Error = Connection reset by peer

Whenever Windows Clients report a "Network or Hard Disk failure" I get this
message in the logs and the only thing that I can do is reboot the Windows
client. This is a very big problem for me as the Windows machine that matters
the most plays MP3's from the server on a 24 hour basis and its interuption
means big problem from my boss....

I have tried everything. From reinstalling my Linux box from scratch, reinstalling
Windows2000 from scratch (SP2) changing network cards, checking the wiring of
my network, checking intensity of the network cables (yes even brought a technician
to assist me with that because I had no idea how to check that), connected
Srv with Win2000 via a cross-over cable (just in case the switcher was malfunctioning)
and tons of other scenarios. Nothing! Zilch!

Unfortunately I am faced with a very serious problem since this occurs
every week (sometimes more than 3 times a day!!!).

Looked in google for this. Another person who had the same problem
had a solution published with op_locks etc, tried that...nothing!

Can someone give me a good idea??

Thank you tons!

PS: Samba is running on SuSE Linux 9.1 Samba 3.0.2a-51

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