[Samba] Difference in terms of charset between smbmount and smbclient

Jochen Wiedmann jochen.wiedmann at freenet.de
Fri Sep 24 06:52:36 GMT 2004


I have a Windows server, that I access using smbclient or smbmount. 
After having the typical problem with non-ascii characters fixed in 
smbclient, I was expecting to have it solved with smbmount as well. 
However, that is not the case.

More precisely: I have a file on my Linux machine with german umlauts in 
the name (ISO-8859-1 characters). testparms shows, that my smb.conf 
contains the following:

         dos charset = 850
         unix charset = ISO-8859-1

A "put" in smbclient transfers the file as expected, and I can see the 
right file name on Windows.

When mounting the smb share, I use the following options:


However, using "cp" to copy the file exposes the wrong file name on 
Windows (cryptic single byte characters, rather than the german umlauts, 
to be distinguished from UTF-8 multibyte characters).

Any ideas, what is wrong?




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