[Samba] Filename problem (filenames containing slashes aka. \ and /)

rruegner robert at ruegner.org
Tue Sep 21 15:53:01 GMT 2004

Sorry Simon, for sure the users does what their os allows them to do, 
but that musnt be named as inteligent in anyway.
Building filenames which are not compatibel between varias oses is 
simply brainbugged, in my proffesional setups, i never gave support
to users which worked so.My oppinion is , thats simply their problem.
If i would know a solution, i would work it out ,but  i dont know a 
solution which will help out with creating filesnames in any case,
so the simple advice not to do so, seems to me the best way, until
some wonder may come .

Simon Hobson schrieb:

> rruegner wrote:
>> as far i know,
>> \ / are interpreted as path signs, i am not clear why any software 
>> should interpret this in another way.
>> using special signs as filenames are a bug in user brain not in the 
>> software of fileservers, whatever you use
> Except that the Mac uses neither (internally it uses ':' as a path 
> element separator) and both are valid for use in filenames (as are ?, *, 
> -, and a whole pile more). So in the context of the original query, 
> there is no element "bug in user brain" - the users have simply been 
> using what the OS allows.
> Interestingly, with OS X if I create a folder called Test/Folder, in a 
> terminal shell ls shows it as Test:Folder.
> Simon
> PS - and no this isn't an attempt to start a "my OS is better than 
> yours" war !

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