[Samba] Filename problem (filenames containing slashes aka. \ and /)

Simon Hobson shobson-lists at colony.com
Tue Sep 21 14:10:08 GMT 2004

rruegner wrote:

>as far i know,
>\ / are interpreted as path signs, i am not clear why any software 
>should interpret this in another way.
>using special signs as filenames are a bug in user brain not in the 
>software of fileservers, whatever you use

Except that the Mac uses neither (internally it uses ':' as a path 
element separator) and both are valid for use in filenames (as are ?, 
*, -, and a whole pile more). So in the context of the original 
query, there is no element "bug in user brain" - the users have 
simply been using what the OS allows.

Interestingly, with OS X if I create a folder called Test/Folder, in 
a terminal shell ls shows it as Test:Folder.


PS - and no this isn't an attempt to start a "my OS is better than yours" war !
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