[Samba] Filename problem (filenames containing slashes aka. \ and /)

Mark C. Casey markcc at jadepress.co.uk
Tue Sep 21 13:56:40 GMT 2004

Unfortunately this is something that is extremely important.

There are LOTS of filenames which contain slashes.

Some of these are also customer artwork, meaning we cannot go about renaming them either.


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Hi Mark,
as far i know,
\ / are interpreted as path signs, i am not clear why any software 
should interpret this in another way.
using special signs as filenames are a bug in user brain not in the 
software of fileservers, whatever you use

Mark C. Casey schrieb:
> I'm currently in the process of creating a fileserver so some mac guys at the company I work at can save files as a backup medium. (long story short i'm creating a fileserver running samba 3 with 1TB of storage)
> However, a lot of the files that they want backed up contain characters that samba refuses to accept (when I try transferring a file to the samba share with say the filename as "test \ test / test" the mac reports that it cannot transfer the file.
> I've been told there is a way to use UTF8 with Samba 3 so it can accept these, how can I do this?
> Mark

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