[Samba] Just a quick suggestion for backup solution, please???

Simon Hobson shobson-lists at colony.com
Tue Sep 21 08:13:53 GMT 2004

Daniel Gapinski wrote:
>I backup our RedHat linux server over our network to tape every night
>via Retrospect Server 6.5.


>While it does not offer decent support for
>other linux flavors, you can try to install the client rpm using alien
>or something like that. I've never gotten it to work on Debian, but I am
>a mere grasshopper at Linux.

Contrary to the specs, the client doesn't run on RedHat 6.2 - yeah, I 
know I should upgrade it, but it works and is reliable ...

It does however run on Suse (OpenLinux 1 which underlies Suse Linux 
OpenXchange Server) with manual installation and the addition of a 
few links to make thing appear to be in the right place (I don't know 
the details, someone else installed it for me).

This is just one of 'a few' feature requests and bug reports I have 
in with Dantz at the moment.


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