[Samba] Copy from Samba to XP Very Slow

Alex Satrapa alex.satrapa at anu.edu.au
Tue Sep 21 03:22:25 GMT 2004

On 19 Sep 2004, at 05:19, Elijah Savage wrote:

> When copying or moving files from the Samba shares to any machine on 
> the
> network it is terribly slow, but copying files from the XP clients to
> the samba shares are blazing fast and the test has been run with no
> other network traffic going on.

We've had problems on our network involving 100Mbps cards and switches 
not using exactly the same timing for hardware features such as 
Ethernet flow control. I've also had problems (especially with HP 
switches talking to Intel chipsets) where the hardware does not 
correctly negotiate speed and duplex (eg: a 1G switch port and 1G 
ethernet chipset negotiate a connection at 10Mbps half duplex).

We solved our problems by using a different switch - in our case, a 
little SOHO 10/100 switch with 8 ports. You might want to try a 
different brand of switch, or install a different brand of Ethernet 
card in your Samba server.


"If knowledge can create problems, it is not through ignorance that we 
can solve them."  --Isaac Asimov

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