[Samba] Re: Hot to configure Samba 3 as PDC and BDC for a Windows network

John H Terpstra jht at samba.org
Fri Sep 17 21:28:20 GMT 2004

On Friday 17 September 2004 13:23, ksun at ABINITIO.COM wrote:
> Hello John,
>         I also like your books "Samba-3 by Example: and :The Official
> Samba-3 Howto and Reference Guide".
>         Between these books, I managed to test the procedure of migrating
> our existing NT4 PDC to Samba PDC.
>         The migration is successful for the most parts. I am able to
> verify that the users/group SIDs/Passwords are correct.
>         However, Windows 2000/XP computers failed to find the samba Domain
> Controller. They can rejoin the domain without any problem.
>         I verified that the SIDs in 2000/XP is the same as the
> corresponding one in LDAP backend and there is a SambaNTPassword entry but
> I don't have a way to check if they are migrated correctly.
>         I have no clue how Window 2000/XP determines if an expected domain
> is available and what are the conversations between the workstation,
> samba, and ldap. I monitored the tcpdump during the time a Windows XP
> started loging in as a domain user and the time it failed not being able
> to find a domain, most of the traffic is to the LDAP server. What was it
> looking for?
>         I believe eventually I would see a sesson in your books on What
> Went Wrong With Mirgration (WWWM). Can I have a preview of that Session
> now???

We are aware of some inconsistencies in how NT4 responds to the vampire 
process. We have not invested the time and energy to fully understand what is 
going wrong. If you wish to debug this to help find the problem we welcome 
the input, however we can not spare the time to work on this at this time. 
Additionally, the priority for this feature is reducing with time so that 
makes it more important to focus on activities that enhance future value 

I do not intend to sound dismissive or rude, this is just a resourcing 

John T.

>         Thank you very much!
> -- Kang Sun
> ksun at abinitio.com

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