[Samba] home template not expanding

Tony Scholes tonys at beacon.co.uk
Tue Sep 14 14:05:19 GMT 2004


I have a server that joins a NT domain and uses winbind ...

All seems fine, joins domain OK, wbinfo -u, wbinfo -g works fine...

I have home template = /home/winnt/%D/%U in smb.conf and  getent passwd
lists all users in the NT domains (there are several trusted domains).. with
the home directory expanded properly e.g.

ALPHA+fred:x:100001:10001:Fred Smith:/home/winnt/ALPHA/fred:

and so on...

and users can access samba shares from their PC's fine, but once they have
don, if i type 'getent passwd fred' then it lists

fred:x:10001:99:Fred Smith:/home/winnt/%D/%U:

i.e. without the home template expanded, and in group 99 (nobody)...

Any ideas why it is doing this?


Tony Scholes
tonys at beacon.co.uk

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