[Samba] samba >= 3.0.6 connection timeouts

JG jg at cms.ac
Tue Sep 14 14:14:52 GMT 2004


i get connection timeouts, so my samba connection just hangs. i have to
remount (after lazy umount) the share to make it work again.
the problem seems to arise after some traffic, but at the moment i was
only listening to mp3s over the share when it occured again.

dmesg output:
smb_add_request: request [c3d1c0e0, mid=59360] timed out!
smb_add_request: request [c3d1c1e0, mid=59361] timed out!
smb_add_request: request [c3d1c0e0, mid=59362] timed out!
smb_add_request: request [c3d1c0e0, mid=59363] timed out!
smb_file_read: path/file validation failed,
error=4294967291 smb_lookup: find //mnt failed, error=-512

on the server side with smbstatus i see many requests for the mp3 file
with the same pid.
8712  DENY_NONE 0x3 RDWR NONE //path/file  Tue Sep 14 16:04:24 2004

i do not have problems with samba 3.0.5 or lower. the problem only
occurs in 3.0.6 and also 3.0.7.
client samba version is 3.0.6, client kernel: 2.6.7-gentoo-r11
server samba version is 3.0.7, server kernel: 2.6.6-mm3

how can i debug this?

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