[Samba] throughput of 300MB/s

Volker Tanger volker.tanger at detewe.de
Tue Sep 14 07:09:59 GMT 2004


> I would like to emphasize that your protocol weather samba, nfs or
> even afp for that matter isn't the bottle neck as they are dependant
> on how well you;
> 3) how well the hardware is config'd in terms of bus speed of PCI bus,
> raid card throughput, drive throughput, network card throughput,
> etc...

Standard PCI:  32bit @ 33MHz = 1Gbit/s (theoretically, minus overhead)
wide PCI:      64bit @ 33MHz = 2Gbit/s (theoretically, minus overhead)
fast PCI:      32bit @ 66MHz = 2Gbit/s (theoretically, minus overhead)
wide+fast PCI: 64bit @ 66MHz = 4Gbit/s (theoretically, minus overhead)

And that is *per*bus*, not per card. Standard PCs (and also vanilla PC
servers) only have one PCI bus, so that capacity is divided up
*at*least* between IDE/RAID controller and network card. Minus overhead.
So you won't be able to reach 500Mbit/s (half-duplex) even under optimal
conditions on such hardware.

Alas, if you're not using absolutely collision-free network media (e.g.
exclusively a single crossover cable between server and client) you
won't get above ~600Mbit/s on Gbit-ethernet anyway... 

Volker Tanger
ITK Security

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