[Samba] throughput of 300MB/s

Brian Krusic brian at krusic.com
Mon Sep 13 18:36:49 GMT 2004


I would like to emphasize that your protocol weather samba, nfs or even afp
for that matter isn't the bottle neck as they are dependant on how well you;

1) config these protocols in terms of network tunning params
2) how well the OS is config'd in terms of its network params and deamons
running, local file system used like reiferfs or xfs
3) how well the hardware is config'd in terms of bus speed of PCI bus, raid
card throughput, drive throughput, network card throughput, etc...

I've had a lot of customers throw out local theoretical #s of say Ultra 320
SCSI which are usually 60-70% of those figures in reality.

Samba itself has been a blessing for many of my clients.


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