[Samba] Modifying Domain field of pdbedit dump

Radek Svoboda svoboda at neovision.cz
Sun Sep 5 18:09:35 GMT 2004

I have Debian server with NetBios name SERVER and domain NEOVISION. The 
created user accounts in the tdbsam backed shows (when listed by pdbedit 
-Lv) that the domain is SERVER, not NEOVISION. Newly added users 
however, has domain specified correctly as NEOVISION. I have a 
suspection that it is because the installation script which created the 
accounts based on old smbpasswd file was using unfinished smb.conf file 
(the SERVER was not yet set as PDC).

1) How to change the listed domain of the existing user/machine?

2) What is the role of the Domain field in pdbedit dump?

             Thanks for help

                                     Radek Svoboda
                                     Neovision s.r.o., Prague
                                     svoboda at neovision.cz

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